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When importing a CSV, a LinkedIn profile/list, or a list from Salesforce you have the ability to edit any of the data fields by clicking into them and typing in the new data. When you have completed your edits, make sure to click the "save changes" button in the upper right hand corner.  Screen_Shot_2022-10-21_at_7.18.23_PM.png
Note: After inputting your uploaded leads into a sequence they are no longer allowed to be edited. 


After you have sequenced leads off of a list they are sent to the "Contacted/Exported Leads" tab on the list's page and are no longer able to be edited. We have designed the site this way because once a lead has been emailed we are assuming you have the correct data on that lead. You may be wondering why we would not allow you to edit email addresses that bounce - there is no option to do this because bounced emails are immediately taken off of the sequence and the List that the lead originally belonged to. 
In the screenshot you may notice that all of the data fields have a grey tint over them, this is because my mouse is hovering over those data fields and this lead has been either contacted or exported. If this lead had not been contacted or exported we would be able to click into the data fields.

If you have any other questions about editing your Lists, please do not hesitate to reach out to


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