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Smart Action Basics

Amplemarket as a feature that allows you to automatically start sequences based on replies that are received from prospects. This feature can be found from the Amplemarket home page by hovering over the lightning bolt icon and selecting Smart Actions. When in this page we can enable automatic reply sequences based on the labels given to these leads which are determined by our Machine Learning program. 


To set up one of these Smart Actions we will need to create a reply template that will be sent to a prospect who replies and is categorized into one of these labels. When we have created an appropriate template for one of these Smart Actions we will have to attach it to one of the recipes as shown below. 



Navigating Smart Action Stats


Since we do not create active sequences on the sequence page when starting one of these Smart Actions it can be difficult to find how effective they have been. To view the statistics for your Smart Action sequences we can navigate from the home page to the Reports page and from there select the Sequence Templates tab. When you're on the Sequence Templates page you can type in the name of a sequence template you are using in one of your Smart Actions and your initial stats will populate. On this age you can also change the range of dates you would like to see reported and specific mailboxes that used this sequence template. 





If you select on the initial stats that populate you will be brought to an overview page where we can see the specific leads that are active and have completed these Smart Action sequences which will allow you to navigate to each leads contacts page. 



If you have any other questions surrounding your Smart Action Sequences please reach out to

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