How to edit data as you are launching a sequence

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When setting up new sequences we may find the need to add or edit certain data points related to our leads and we can do this when going through the steps to start a new sequence. If you have experience with Uploaded and Searcher customer profiles you may already know that data points on Searcher customer profiles can not be edited when viewing them on the customer profile page. When we go through the steps to set up a sequence, however, data sets from Searcher customer profiles can be edited. 


We can edit these data points when setting up a sequence on the page that reads "New Sequence" at the top. To arrive at this page we must first complete setting up the "Lead Source" and "Sequence Template" pages. Once we arrive on the final sequence setup page we can scroll down past the settings which allow you to choose the mailbox you want to use, the amount of leads to be added every 24 hours, and when you want the sequence to begin. You will see two different tabs named "stages" and "leads", select the leads tab and you will see every data point assigned to each lead. 


When viewing these data points you have the option to click into them and make edits, or you can select the "add dynamic field" option and add another data set. This option can be very useful when we want to include certain information on each lead. For example, if we would like to mention each leads alma mater in our upcoming sequence we can add the data point "Alma Mater" or "University". Once we have entered the correct data for each of the leads we can add a corresponding dynamic field in our copy by typing in the name of the data point surrounded by brackets. E.g. {{alma_mater}} or {{University}}. 



If you have any questions about editing data points as you launch a sequence, please reach out to our support team at

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