Scheduling Sequences with Missing Dynamic Fields

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When setting up a sequence we need to select a sequence template, but what do we do if one of our leads does not have the proper information. If we are using the Dynamic Field "note", for example, and a lead does not have a note attached to them the sequence will fail to send. In this article we will be covering how to send a sequence when we are missing data. 

Let's say we had a note we wanted to add as a dynamic field, but not every lead had a note data point attached to them. We could enter a form of liquid syntax that tells Amplemarket to include the note for those who have one and to exclude the note for those who do not. For example: {% if note %} {{note}} {% endif %}. or {% if note %} {{note}} {% else %} my generic note {% endif %}. 

This workflow can be applied to many other dynamic fields as well such as the first name dynamic field. If we do not have a leads first name we could simply replicate the liquid syntax used above, but for {{first_name}}. For example {% if first_name %} {{first_name}} {% elsif %} Hey there!

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