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Below you will find the most commonly asked questions and issues we receive about Salesforce, as well as their resolutions. 


  1. I have noticed a number of duplicates in my Salesforce instance, why is this happening? 

    When duplicates are created on Salesforce it is typically due to the current matching rules set up on your instance. To resolve this, try visiting your contact or lead matching rules (depending on which we push to Salesforce) and enable/activate those rules. We can test to see if this is successful by attempting to push a lead we know already exists in your SFDC instance.

  2. I have my activity set to push, but for some reason my emails with this contact are not pushing to Salesforce, do you know why this is? 

    If you have set up your integration to push email activity, but they do not appear in Salesforce make sure that your login to Amplemarket and Salesforce are the same. We use the email address our users login to Amplemarket with and use that address to push activity to Salesforce. If you are using an email address completely unrelated to Amplemarket, activity will not push. Please note that the email you use to login to Amplemarket should be the same as the email you use to login to Salesforce. If we use a secondary mailbox to login to Amplemarket, only the emails/sequences that are started by the secondary email will be pushed. 

  3. Who should set up our Salesforce integration?

    The best person to have set up your Salesforce integration from Amplemarket is a user who has admin access on Amplemarket, the ability to change properties and settings from Salesforce, and of course enough Salesforce knowledge to set up valid property mappings and workflows. 

  4. How can I setup my Salesforce integration, every time I try to connect Amplemarket to Salesforce we receive an error. 

    Errors in setting up the Salesforce integration often relate to the Salesforce account being used. The Amplemarket to Salesforce connection requires API access which is only included in the following Salesforce accounts: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance. If you are using the Professional edition, API access can be purchased and applied. 

  5. How long does it take for a lead to show up in Salesforce? 

    Since Amplemarket uses and API to connect with Salesforce leads/contacts should be pushed within a matter of minutes. This can be prolonged due to how many leads we are pushing at the same time and your duplication rules. Certain duplication rules require salesforce to match all of the incoming mappings to existing contacts to ensure that we do not create duplicates which can add to the amount of time it takes to push leads. 

    If you have any other questions regarding your Salesforce integration, please reach out to support@amplemarket.com.

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