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(Admin) Setting up Amplemarket and CloudTalk Integration

An administrator only needs to integrate the system once. Once the integration is complete, users will be able to use the CloudTalk dialer to make calls from Amplemarket.


Step 1: (Admin) Generate an API Key in CloudTalk

To connect the CloudTalk to Amplemarket, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the dashboard of your CloudTalk account

  2. Navigate to the Account - Settings tab from the lefthand toolbar

  3. Select the API Keys tab

  4. Generate a new set of API Keys by clicking the + Add API Key button.

  5. This will generate a pair of an Access Key ID and Access Key Secret

  6. Share the Access Key ID and Access Key Secret with the Amplemarket team


Step 2: Test Your Integration

Once you have completed the setup, you can test your integration. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Amplemarket account

  2. Create a call task to an existing contact

  3. Execute the call task

  4. Call that contact by clicking phone number "Call" next to the phone number - this should open the CloudTalk App

  5. Log the call in the Amplemarket Log view

  6. Log into the dashboard of your CloudTalk account

  7. Navigate to the Contacts tab from the lefthand toolbar

  8. You should see that contact in the list


Step 3: Troubleshoot

If you have any issues setting up or testing your integration, please contact



Using Amplemarket and CloudTalk for Making Calls

Making calls with Amplemarket and CloudTalk is easy.



Note: double check if you have the "Automatically dial Click-to-call numbers" enabled in the CloudTalk Phone. This allows you to trigger calls instantly from Amplemarket. You can find this option under Settings - Calling - Call automation.


Executing Calls as a Sequence Stage or Tasks

Select Call Tasks

  1. Log into the dashboard of your Amplemarket account

  2. Navigate to the Tasks page in the navigation menu

  3. Select the calls tasks you wish to execute. This will open the Amplemarket’s task executer, and you can start by clicking “Let’s go”


Execute Call Tasks

  1. Call tasks have all contact information you need:

    1. Name, title, company website
    2. Contact’s local time and country
    3. Contact’s LinkedIn profile, Amplemarket contact page or CRM page
    4. Additionally you can see how many times the contact opened the emails in the sequence and how many calls were made
  2. To place a call, make sure you select the right phone number and click on "Call". This will open the CloudTalk app with the contact's information pre-filled:

  3. In case you making your first call it's possible that you need to give permission to Amplemarket to open the CloudTalk phone. Please check the "always allow" checkbox.
  1. After the call ends, log the details in the CloudTalk app. This is important as it will synchronize call activity with your CRM.
  2. If you wish to try different numbers, open the phone number dropdown in Amplemarket and select one. Then, click on "Call" and the CloudTalk app will initiate a new call.
  3. Once you have completed calling the various numbers, log the details in Amplemarket (see the section on "Managing your tasks in Amplemarket" below). This step is essential to ensure that the contact progresses through the sequence. Additionally, it will enable you to monitor the contact's journey, as call entries will be added to the contact's activity log. 



Managing your Tasks in Amplemarket

Complete Action


The Complete button will save your call disposition and notes in Amplemarket.

The Complete action will finish the call task, and in order to complete a task you need to select and log a call disposition in Amplemarket.

In case the task is a sequence stage, the contact will advance to the next sequence stage or will be marked as completed depending on the selected call disposition.


Reschedule Action


The Reschedule Task button will save your call disposition and notes in Amplemarket.

It will allow you to keep the task and reschedule it for a later date. This is particularly useful for when you have a conversation with someone who asks you to circle back later on that day or week.

In this case the task is a sequence stage, the contact will not advance to the next sequence stage until the rescheduled task is completed.


Skip Action

You can always skip a call task if you do not wish to make the call and you want to move to the next stage in your sequence.

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