Why does Amplemarket want access to my Google Account?

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If you are setting up a mailbox an Amplemarket through a Google email address you will receive this pop-up that states Amplemarket will have access to your contacts, calendar, and emails. This may be surprising at first glance since we typically don't want want people outside our organization to have access to this kind of information, but certain permissions are required for Amplemarket to provide you with the best experience possible. In this article we will be covering everything that Amplemarket does with this information and why it is necessary. 




In the screen shot you can see that Amplemarket has the ability to delete contacts and calendar events, but we only access the "read" permissions for our contacts and we only access the ability to "see, edit, or share" your calendar events. The reason we have these abilities is to: 

  1. We need to access your mailbox to send emails through Amplemarket sequences.
  2. We can also see who replied to your emails by accessing your mailbox so that we can log these engagements in Amplemarket.
  3. We need to access your calendars to see which contact has booked a meeting with you so we can properly label this lead for your reporting. 
  4. We enrich your calendar events so you have the ability to see more information on the lead before hopping into a meeting (this can be turned off if need be). 
  5. We also need access to your mailbox to detect the tone of the replies that you receive so that we can label them properly as, "interested, OOO, Not interested, Circle back later, etc". 

If you still have any questions or concerns about these permissions, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@amplemarket.com


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