Mapping Phone Numbers to your CRM

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If you have set up an integration to your CRM on Amplemarket, you may have noticed that we have a number of different phone number fields on our "mappings" pages. Specifically, there are four different phone number fields to consider and they all operate differently, in this article we will be going over what each of these fields refer to and how to map them. 


Phone number fields: 

  • Phone number: The "Phone number" field is a bit different from the rest of these fields as it does not refer to a specific type of phone number. This field is used when we do not know if we are contacting the lead on a cell phone, work phone, home phone, etc. 
  • Mobile Number: The "Mobile Number" field is somewhat self-explanatory, this field is used when the phone number attached to a lead/contact is known to be a cell phone number. 
  • Work Number: The "Work Number" field is also straightforward, this field is used when the phone number attached to a contact is known to be an office or work number. 
  • Manually added number: If we have a lead or contact in Amplemarket who did not have a phone number originally attached to them and we add a phone number manually, it will be pushed under this field. This field is not used as often as the others, but it can still be relevant. 
  • Sourced Number: The "Sourced Number" field is unique in the sense that it encompasses all phone numbers that have been manually added to a customer profile or Amplemarket. This means that the phone numbers used in a CSV upload will be pushed to your CRM using the "Sourced number" field. 


How to Map these fields: 


While it is less common to see all of the fields used in the same instance, we still feel it is important to cover how to map these fields. The "Phone number" and "Mobile Number" fields are the easiest to map as they have corresponding Hubspot fields that also read as "Phone number" and "Mobile number". If you would like to mapped the other phone numbers fields to your CRM it may get a bit more complicated from here as Hubspot only has those two "stock" phone number fields. This means that we will either have to create custom fields in Hubspot, which should be an option, or use the "phone number" and "Mobile number" Hubspot fields and map them to other Amplemarket fields. 


Mappings these fields in Salesforce is very similar to Hubspot, but there is some differences in the mappings provided by the CRM. The "Phone Number" field in Amplemarket should be mapped to the "Phone" field provided by Salesforce and the "Mobile Phone" Amplemarket field should be mapped to the "Mobile Phone" Salesforce field. The other three fields is where it gets a bit more complicated as Salesforce only as the two phone number fields mentioned above. This means that we can use the "Phone" and "Mobile Phone" fields for the other fields such as "Manually added phone number" or "sourced number" or we can create custom Salesforce fields and map them to the Amplemarket phone number fields. 


If you have any other questions about mapping your phone numbers to your CRM, please reach out to 

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