AI Copywriter: A Detailed Guide

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The AI Copywriter is customizable AI product for B2B outreach that allows sales professionals to generate highly personalized 1st touch messages in just a few seconds. Creating a personalised and relevant 1st touch email message is very time-consuming. The AI Copywriter was built to remove some of the heavy-lifting of creating 1st touch messages to improve the sales teams productivity and effectiveness by saving them precious time.


  • Cost-effective and time-saving: Our AI copy generator offers an affordable way to improve the effectiveness of your sales and cold outreach efforts in-house. Empower your reps to create and send high-impact copy in as little as 20 seconds!
  • Craft precise and relevant messages: Powered by AI technology to unblock creativity roadblocks and provide you with a hyper-personalized and high-impact copy for your outreach.
  • Creativity at scale: Our AI copy generator can help salespeople to come up with new and effective ways of reaching out to their prospects. Salespeople can make sure that their messages stand out and capture the attention of their target audience by leveraging the power of OpenAI's cutting-edge GPT learning models.

How does it work?

This product uses large language models like OpenAI's GPT to automatically generate a personalized message directly from their prospect's profile. Watch this 2min demo to learn more about how our AI Copywriter works.

The AI Copywriter's email generator follows a simple three-step structure to create high-impact copy:

  • The Hook - The opening line explains the context of why the user is reaching out and should be personal and relevant to establish a connection with the prospect.
  • The Value Proposition - The next section explains how the user's product or service can add value or solve a problem for the prospect.
  • Your Call-to-Action - The email ends with an ask for a next step, such as a call, in-person meeting, or yes/no answer

Once the message is created, the user can simply just copy and paste it directly into their sequences or into a LinkedIn message.

Enable the AI Copywriter

This is a premium add-on product. If you would like to enable this to your Amplemarket plan, reach out to

Start using the AI Copywriter on LinkedIn

Once the AI Copywriter is enabled you should follow the mentioned steps to start using it.

Steps to do before using:

  1. Login in to your Amplemarket Account
  2. Head over to your AI Copywriter Settings in your Account Settings
    • Company value propositions: Provide a description of your company and outline its value propositions.
    • (Optional) Set the desired Tone of Voice: by default AI generated messages will have a direct, informal and natural tone. If you wish you can personalise it. Sky is really the limits, you make them humorous, analytical, energetic, etc).
    • (Optional) Shorten Emails: Enable this option if you wish  to limit your AI emails to approximately 100 words.
  3. Make sure you have Amplemarket Chrome Extension installed
  4. Make sure you’re logged in to Amplemarket in the same browser session you are logged in on LinkedIn

AI Copywriter Tutorial:

  1. Open any LinkedIn profile (e.g.;
  2. Click Generate to view your first AI email suggestion;
  3. (Optional) Click Try Another to get additional AI email suggestions.
  4. Use the arrows in the bottom-right corner to navigate between all generated suggestions.

Learn more about how to edit your AI Copywriter settings by watching this video:

AI features can have a tremendous impact in augmenting your current workflows, but to do so in the most effective way, we recommend that you fine-tune it according to your own style and needs. 

For the most optimal experience with the AI Copywriter we recommend that you take some time to:

  1. Clearly describe your company/product description/value proposition;
  2. Add the tone that better fits your desired writing style;
  3. Think about your desired email length. 


Start using the AI Copywriter in Sequences

Here's a detailed step by step:
  1. Create a new Sequence Template (or alternatively edit an existing one)
  2. Add an AI Copywriter Email Stage (we only support email first-touches for now) and save the template
  3. Schedule a Sequence using this template
  4. Tasks with AI-generated emails will be created for every lead that you enrol in said Sequence
  5. Open your tasks, review the AI Copywriter emails, hit send and see the magic happen ✨


AI Copywriter is not generating any message

To create a successful message via the AI Copywriter the prospect must be actively associated with a company and this company must have a description of itself on LinkedIn. A general rule of thumb is if your prospect does not currently have a company associated with it, we will not be able to successfully generate a message.

As a user, you should also make sure that you have at least one current experience on your LinkedIn profile.

AI Copywriter Generate Button is not appearing

If you notice that the AI Copywriter button is no longer appearing on your Linkedin page it may be due to:

  • Lack of Credits: Once all of the AI Copywriter credits have been used, we automatically remove this button from Linkedin so you do not receive an erroneous error message. You can check to see how many AI Copywriter credits you have by heading to your Account Settings in Amplemarket, from there you'll see your credit usage at the top right of the page. If the number of credits you expect to see is not displayed, please contact your admin to assign you an AI Copywriter seat. 
  • Amplemarket/LinkedIn Login: for the AI Copywriter button to appear you need to be logged in your Amplemarket Account, and also logged in the LinkedIn Account connected to Amplemarket in the same browser session.

Error Message

If you find an issue where when you click Generate it shows you another LinkedIn window instead of taking you to the generated copy, you should Log out and log back into Amplemarket.

If the issue is still happening after doing so, make sure neither the "Block third-party cookies" nor the "Block all cookies" option is selected. You can find this setting in Privacy and security -> Cookies and other site data.


Other AI Copywriter Errors

Some errors may occur due to a glitch in the system as well as issues with our AI provider. If this is the cause of your error you will receive an error message, if you do receive one of these error messages, please reach out to to report it and we will contact our engineering team to investigate the issue. 



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