Why is an email showing up as ‘invalid’ in my List

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If you have imported leads to Amplemarket via CSV you may have run into an instance where your list has a lead whose email is "Invalid". 



When leads are imported to Amplemarket via CSV using the "List of Email Addresses" file type we have two available action that are "Validation" and "Enrichment". If we choose to validate these email addresses we go through a process internally to ensure that this email address exists and is connected to a real person.


The first step in the validation process is taking the leads that have been uploaded and comparing their information to what we have in our databases. If we find that this email address is already validated in our database we can confirm that this is a valid email. If we do not have the email address in the database we have to take a few extra steps in order to confirm that this is valid. If we take a look at the email address in the first screenshot we can see the email address email1@gmail.com which is obviously a fake email address, but if we had other data surrounding this email address such as a name, company, and title we would be able to use this information to confirm that the email address listed is real and connected to the right person. Alternatively we will use this information to guess the email address of the user by utilizing this other information. In the case where we can not validate or accurately guess the lead's email, they will be filtered as a "lead without an email" and, when we view them in the list, they will be labeled as invalid. 


Please reach out to support@amplemarket.com if you have any other questions regarding invalid email addresses. 


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