International Phone Numbers Overview

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Amplemarket works with Twilio to provide phone numbers.

There are country-specific legal requirements for international phone number acquisition. We summarise below the specific documentation requirements per country.

While you can place orders for these numbers on your account and they are purchased successfully, outbound calling will not be activated until documentation has been uploaded and verified in the number order section.


Documentation Requirements per Country

You can find the most up to date requirements in the Regulatory Guidelines support section.

Below is a summary of the requirements.


Countries that do not require documentation

For some countries, there are no documentation requirements. 


These are listed below:

Australia, Canada, Kenya, Israel, Namibia, United Kingdom, United States, Thailand and Tunisia.


Countries that require documentation

Specific country documentation requirements are listed below can be found in Twilio's Regulatory Guidelines


The verification process can take a few working days.


Note: Twilio vendor reserves the right in their discretion to request additional information at any stage of the registration process.

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