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Deliverability is one key aspect when sending outbound sales emails. Providing an easy way for Amplemarket users to select the right mailboxes at the right time prevents mailbox overuse and prevents falling deeper into well-known deliverability problems.

Every week, we will automatically test Amplemarket users'' mailboxes as part of a mailbox health check. If a given mailbox has a poor health score, we will warn our users when selecting mailboxes to be used in a sequence and also in your Domain Health Center.



What are Email Placement Tests?

Email Placement Tests are an automated mechanism that performs weekly tests on all the mailboxes you have connected to Amplemarket.

We evaluate your mailboxes' capacity to deliver emails to your prospects' inboxes without landing in their spam folder.

Email Placement Tests have two possible outcomes:

  • Healthy mailbox: Your mailbox is healthy, and emails are landing in the recipient's inbox folder.
  • Unhealthy mailbox: Your mailbox is not healthy, and emails are landing in the recipient's spam folder.


Why is my mailbox being flagged as landing in spam?

If one or more of your mailboxes are being flagged as landing in the spam folder, it's because our Email Placement Tests have indicated an "Unhealthy" status for those mailboxes.

This situation is similar to an exhausted piece of farmland. Just as you wouldn't plant crops in soil that needs a period of rest, using unhealthy mailboxes can worsen their reputation and detrimentally affect their domain’s performance and deliverability. 

This, in turn, can impact your coworkers’ mailboxes under the same domain. 

We strongly recommend that Amplemarket users avoid using mailboxes that have been flagged as unhealthy, as emails sent from these mailboxes are more likely to end up in the recipient’s spam folder.


What should I do with my flagged mailboxes?

We advise Amplemarket users to put flagged mailboxes to rest and avoid adding additional net new leads volume to them.

Turning on the warm-up functionality will also help flagged mailboxes recover their reputation while becoming ready to be used again.

When, based on Email Placement Tests, the mailbox is ready to be used again, Amplemarket will unflag it.

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