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Where do I find my account’s billing information, invoices and payment receipts?

Admin users have access to your account’s billing information and can update it on the “Plan & Billing” page under the “Accounts Settings” section. 


What can I do on the “Plan & Billing” page?

On the “Plan & Billing” page, admin users can:

  • Update your billing information
  • Update or add a new credit card 
  • Check your invoices and receipts and see if the invoices are paid or open
  • See your current plan and what’s included 
  • Check your billing cycle, following billing amount, and next billing date 
  • Upgrade your plan by adding new seats/users or new products 

Who can update our billing information and how?

Admin users can edit billing information (incl. address and email address) and payment details (e.g., credit card number) on the “Plan & Billing'' page under the “Accounts Settings” section, via the “Update” buttons. 



Can I have access to our account’s invoices?

Invoices are sent to the billing email address on file, according to your account’s billing frequency, and can also be found by admin users on the “Plan & Billing” page within Amplemarket. 

Your account can have more than one billing email address attached, to which invoices are sent. If you want to add an extra email address, please reach out to


Who should I contact if I have billing-related questions about my account?

If you have specific billing-related questions, you can send an email directly to our Finance team at

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