Importing lists of emails to Amplemarket

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In this article, you can find a guide on how to upload/import your own email lists into Amplemarket. 


1. Go to 'Lists'

Access your Lead Lists by hovering over the magnifying glass in the left sidebar and click on the 'Lists' section in the menu. 



2. Click on 'Upload List from CSV' on the top right corner

To upload leads to a new List, you can click on the 'Upload List form CSV' button on the top right corner of the Lists section in your Amplemarket Dashboard.


3. Specify the details

Amplemarket will ask you to fill in a few details about the file you wish to upload:

  • The name for your new List (Ex: Companies hiring Remotely - CA and NY)
  • The tag for your new Lost (optional)
  • Select the file type "List of email addresses"


Note: when choosing the option "List of Email Addresses" you have the option to upload data without having to use any of your credits.

If you don't want to use credits just make sure to uncheck:

  • Email Validation
  • Enrichment 

If you do not check these then you can upload your own data into Amplemarket without using any credits.


The "File information" on the right side of the page will give you information about which columns your CSV needs to contain to be able to upload the file. 


4. Upload your CSV

Select the CSV containing the leads you wish to upload.




All set!

Finally, click on the create button in the bottom right corner and Amplemarket will create a customer profile that you can access on your 'Lists' page.


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