Setting up the AI Copywriter

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Once the AI Copywriter is enabled you should follow the mentioned steps to start using it.


Steps to do before using:

  1. Login in to your Amplemarket Account
  2. Head over to your AI Copywriter Settings in your Account Settings
    • Company value propositions: Provide a description of your company and outline its value propositions. If you connect your LinkedIn profile here, we'll fill your value propositions with your default company description on LinkedIn.
    • (Optional) Set the desired Tone of Voice: by default AI generated messages will have a direct, informal and natural tone. If you wish you can personalise it. Sky is really the limits, you make them humorous, analytical, energetic, etc).
    • (Optional) Shorten Emails: Enable this option if you wish  to limit your AI emails to approximately 100 words.
  3. Make sure you have Amplemarket Chrome Extension installed
  4. Make sure you’re logged in to Amplemarket in the same browser session you are logged in on LinkedIn

AI Copywriter Tutorial:

  1. Open any LinkedIn profile (e.g.;
  2. Click Generate to view your first AI email suggestion;
  3. (Optional) Click Try Another to get additional AI email suggestions.
  4. Use the arrows in the bottom-right corner to navigate between all generated suggestions.


AI Copywriter Video Tutorial:

Here is a detailed video where you can learn more about the AI Copywriter settings:


AI features can have a tremendous impact in augmenting your current workflows, but to do so in the most effective way, we recommend that you fine-tune it according to your own style and needs. 

For the most optimal experience with the AI Copywriter we recommend that you take some time to:

  1. Clearly describe your company/product description/value proposition;
  2. Add the tone that better fits your desired writing style;
  3. Think about your desired email length. 


Note: This is a premium add-on product. If you don't have have it as part of your Amplemarket plan, please reach out to


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