Why was my LinkedIn Account Restricted?

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LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professional networking and lead generation. There are many reasons your LinkedIn account can get restricted. Don't Panic restrictions are very common. 

This article provides insights into the types of LinkedIn restrictions, reasons behind them, and steps to recover and prevent future restrictions.


Types of LinkedIn Restrictions:

1. Email Request while Sending Invites:

  • Happens when many unsolicited invites are sent and recipients report not knowing the sender.
  • Solution: Reduce LinkedIn activity, retract old pending requests, and wait before reconnecting.

2. Weekly Invitation Quotas:

  • Users are limited to sending around 100 connection requests weekly.

3. Temporarily Restricted With ID Request:

  • Indicates a potential violation of LinkedInโ€™s Terms of Service.
  • Often resolved by uploading an ID for verification.


Reasons for LinkedIn Account Restrictions:

1. Profile Signals:

  • Unusual login activity from different locations or devices.
  • Having or managing multiple LinkedIn accounts.
  • Misrepresentation or providing false information.
  • Frequent profile changes.
  • Incomplete or unprofessional profile.
  • Email address linked to spammers.
  • Keyword stuffing and irrelevant endorsements.
  • Inconsistent employment history.

2. Activity Signals:

  • Too much activity that goes beyond typical user behavior. 
  • Viewing an excessive number of profiles.
  • Rapid account activity resembling bot behavior.
  • Low acceptance and response rates for connection requests.
  • Receiving multiple โ€œNot Knowing Youโ€ reports.
  • Sending repetitive message chains.


Steps to Take if your LinkedIn Account was restricted:

Don't Panic restrictions are very common.

Post-Recovery Precautions:

  • Simplify LinkedIn login activity.
  • Manage and retract pending connection requests.
  • Connect smartly with the right audience.
  • Gradually increase LinkedIn activities post-restriction.
  • Lower your automation activity if warned multiple times.

If Permanently Blocked:

  • Submit necessary documents for verification.
  • Reach out to LinkedIn support for assistance they will help you re-instate your account.

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