Enable Email Warmup for Gmail (G-Suite Accounts)

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Amplemarket Email Warmup is Amplemarket’s delivery optimization service that helps you build, protect and optimize your email deliverability. This article will provide step by step instruction on how to enable it for Gmail.

  1. Login in to your Amplemarket Account
  2. Click Account Settings in your left sidebar
  3. Click Email Warmup under User Settings
  4. Switch it on to Enabled in WARMUP Column

Connecting via Google OAuth:

We have built a new system where you can easily connect your Google mailbox to Email Warmup using Google's OAuth. Have a look at our interactive guideflow on how to do so:



Setting up SMTP/IMAP:

Note: If you are a Gmail user, you can connect SMTP/IMAP account, before enabling Email Warmup. The video below will guide you through all the necessary steps to successfully enable Email Warmup for Gmail accounts.

Have a look at our detailed article on how to do so here: 

Enabling SMTP/IMAP settings for Google

Final Steps: Configure inbox filters

After enabling Email Warmup we recommend configuring inbox filters to keep your inbox clean. 

Setting up the filter for Gmail/G-Suite accounts

  1. Login into your Gmail Account
  2. Copy the following string: amplemarketwarmupemail:
  3. Click on the icon Show Search Option on the right side of your Gmail search bar
  4. Paste the string you copied in Step 2 in the Subject field
  5. Click Create filter
  6. Enable the following actions: Skip the inbox (Archive it), Mark as read, Never send it to Spam and Always mark it as important.
  7. Click Create filter

Note: For Zoho mailboxes, do not set the filter to Archive e-mails as this will prevent the e-mail warmup from working.

For additional support on how to create a filters, see this Gmail's Help Center article.

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