Add Salesforce Leads and Contacts to Lists and Sequences

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With Salesforce Add to List and Add to Sequence, you can now easily import contacts from Salesforce directly into your Amplemarket lists or sequences. This eliminates the need for downloading and importing CSV files or creating a new list every time you use 'Import to Amplemarket, saving you time and effort.

1. Accessing the Feature

  • Navigate to the top of Salesforce’s user interface where you'll find the new 'Import to Amplemarket' and 'Add to Sequence' buttons.
  • Make sure that the Salesforce instance you're accessing is the one that is connected to Amplemarket.

2. Bringing Salesforce Contacts/Leads to Amplemarket

Select Contacts/Leads: Select the contacts or leads you wish to import to Amplemarket directly on Salesforce's interface.

After that first step, it's time to decide if you want to bring those Contacts to an Amplemarket List or Sequence:

  • Add them to a List: Click on "Import to Amplemarket" and select an existing List or create a new one directly from Salesforce's interface.
  • Add them to a Sequence: Click on "Add to Sequence" and select an existing Sequence or create a new one.

3. Additional Features

  • Email Validation and Enrichment: When creating a new Amplemarket List, you will be able to validate emails and enrich contact-level information, ensuring data quality and usefulness.

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