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Diogo Parrinha
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Amplemarket automatically executes LinkedIn tasks in the background providing seamless "set it and forget it" model.



For automatic execution, users must meet the following requirements:

  • LinkedIn account connected to Amplemarket.
    • The LinkedIn account connected to Amplemarket under Account Settings - LinkedIn Settings should match the LinkedIn account logged in the Chrome profile.
  • Amplemarket extension installed.
  • An open Chrome window.
  • Active logins (although these tabs may not be open):
    • Amplemarket
    • LinkedIn

As long as these conditions are met, Amplemarket will continuously execute LinkedIn tasks, respecting daily limits.


How do the daily limits work?

Amplemarket will respect the configured limits under Account Settings - LinkedIn Settings:

  • LinkedIn Connections

  • Other LinkedIn Actions

Consider three examples with the limit of 15 for LinkedIn Connections and 50 for Other LinkedIn Actions:

  1. If due today: 10 connections + 10 other actions then execute 20 tasks (10+10)
  2. If due today: 30 connections + 5 other actions then execute 20 total tasks (15+5)
  3. If due today: 30 connections + 0 other actions then execute 15 total tasks (15+0)

When you hit the limits on a given day, you should see the following status:


How do the leads' timezones matter?

The execution of the tasks respect the timezone of the leads through the concept of "sending window".

The tasks are executed ordered by the due date, however, if the task falls outside the configured sending window, it will not be counted as a task to be executed right away, although it can be counted again when it falls inside the sending window at some point of the day.


How am I informed when tasks are not being executed?

On the top right corner, we display a badge indicating the execution status. Should any errors be found, we present them to the user. For example:


What happens if I don't have the extension running for a certain period of time?

Users without the extension running for an extended period will receive a 4-day grace period with systematic email and in-app notifications to address the issue.

After 4 days, LinkedIn tasks will be converted to manual tasks, allowing users to manage them.


Can I convert automated tasks into manual?

Yes, from the Tasks page you can select the LinkedIn tasks you wish to convert to Manual:


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