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Situation You want to know what a Saved Search is and how to use it. 

This article explains:-

  • What a Saved Search is and how it differs from a List
  • How to create a Saved Search
  • How to add leads to a Sequence from a Saved Search
  • How to modify a Saved Search

What is a Saved Search? 

By utilising Amplemarket's Searcher, you can prospect for leads or companies relevant to you by filtering them according to specific criteria (e.g. Title, Location, Industry etc.) If you want to quickly access those leads and custom search criteria in the future, then all you need to do is save that particular Search, creating a Saved Search

That is essentially what a Saved Search is - a shortcut to a specific Search that you already defined. The best part about it is that a Saved Search is dynamic. It automatically updates and adds new leads that match the criteria of your Search. 

The self-updating dynamic nature of a Saved Search is what differentiates it from a List. A List is a static table of leads, and can be imported from multiple sources including LinkedIn, a CSV Upload, a CRM, or the Searcher. If you want to know more about Lists, please see this article

How to Create a Saved Search

The video above demonstrates how to create a Saved Search on Amplemarket, but if you are more of a reader then the steps are below. 

  1. Navigate to the Searcher in the User Interface
  2. Build a search using the Filter criteria to find your desired Leads
  3. In the top right section of the page, click 
  4. Name your search and optionally, give it a tag
  5. You can choose to share it with others in your organisation, and whether to get an email alert for newly matched leads or to push them automatically to Salesforce. 
  6. Confirm your settings. You will now see the Search in your list of Saved Searches.

How to add Leads from a Saved List to a Sequence

Add All Leads from Saved Search

If you want to add All of the Leads to a Sequence, you have a couple of options. 

You can start a new Sequence from the Saved Searches page.

Or you can start a new Sequence from the Sequences page and for the Lead Sources choose Use Leads from Saved Searches or Lists

Add Select Leads from Saved Search

If you want to add a Select number of Leads to a Sequence, you can do so from the specific Saved Search.

How to modify a Saved Search?

You can make changes to a Saved Search and save the new version whilst keeping the original. 

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