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Situation You want to know what a List is and how to use it. 

This article explains:-

  • What a Lead List is and how it differs from a Saved Search
  • How to create a List via:-
    • CSV Upload
    • LinkedIn
    • CRM Import e.g. Hubspot or Salesforce
    • Amplemarket's Searcher
  • How to add leads to a Sequence from a List

What is a Lead List?

Lead List is a compilation of leads that can be created from multiple sources. It is essentially a table of information that contains prospects you want to include in your sales outreach, as well as data points that related to the leads. Those data points can include:- 

  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Company Name
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Title

Depending on the type of list, Amplemarket can then enrich it by adding more data fields and filling that information from our database. In addition to this, you can also include custom data fields that you can then use when building a Sequence for those leads. 

A Lead List is not the same as a Saved Search. A Saved Search gives you quick access to a set of search criteria and matching leads on Amplemarket's Searcher. Where a List is static, a Saved search is dynamic and will automatically update and add any new leads that match the search criteria. To learn more about Saved Searches, please see this article

How to Create a Lead List

Leads can be created from a number of sources:-

  • CSV Upload
  • LinkedIn/SalesNav
  • Import from a CRM e.g. Hubspot, Salesforce 
  • Adding specific leads from the Searcher

Upload a CSV File

You can import a list of leads from a CSV file into Amplemarket. The video below takes you through a demonstration and the guide that follows take you through it step-by-step. 

  1. From the dashboard, hover over the magnifying glass in the left sidebar and click on Lists. mceclip0.png
  2. Click on the option Upload List from CSV in the top right hand corner. mceclip1.png
  3. Fill in the fields to specify the details of the Lead List:- 
    • The name for your new List (Ex: Companies hiring in August 2023 - CA and NY)
    • The tag for your new customer profile (*optional*)
    • Select your desired file type - more on this under the section File Specifications below. 
    • Check the box Email Validation if you want Amplemarket to verify the emails on your list
    • Check the box Enrichment if you would like Amplemarket to enrich your list with our datamceclip2.png
  4. Upload your CSV by dragging and dropping it into the grey area with a dotted border, or click the area and select the file from your file directory.

Email Validation and Enrichment will both cost 0.5 credits per lead, so if you would like to upload a list of email addresses without spending any credits, simply uncheck these options.

File Specifications

Amplemarket will require specific columns in your CSV file, depending on the type of file you are uploading. This information is displayed on the upload page, and you can even download a sample file for each type.


For a detailed specification of the requirements for each file type, please see the articles linked below:

Create a List from LinkedIn using the Amplemarket Extension

Once you have installed the Amplemarket Extension for Google Chrome, you will be able to create a List of Leads in Amplemarket from LinkedIn. For a step-by-step guide on doing this for Individual Leads or a group of Leads, please visit this article

Import a List from your CRM

Provided you have integrated Amplemarket with your CRM, you can import a list of contacts from that CRM to Amplemarket. Please click on the relevant link below to see steps for your specific CRM:

Add Leads to a list from the Searcher

You can add Leads you find using the Searcher to create Lead Lists. For steps on how to use the Searcher, please see this article

  1. Fill in criteria in the Searcher or open a Saved Search in the Searcher
  2. From the results, select the individual leads you want or use the Select dropdown menu mceclip1.png
  3. Click Add to List
  4. Choose an existing List from the dropdown menu or type the name of a new List
  5. Click Add to List
  6. You can then view the List from your Lists View

How to add Leads to a Sequence from a List

There are multiple ways to add leads to a Sequence using your Lead List. The video below takes you through some of those options. 

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