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Company Value Prop Settings

In Amplemarket, if you navigate to Account Settings -> AI Copywriter, you'll discover options to tailor your company value propositions for your messages. This customization applies to your messages only and does not affect the whole account.

By default, we use your company description from LinkedIn (see Account Settings -> LinkedIn Settings) if your account is connected. However, you have the freedom to modify these value propositions to better represent the products and services you offer.

💡 Pro-tip #1: You can take this a step further and write down multiple value props for the different personas that you sell to. Here's an example of the exact prompt we at Amplemarket use in our company value prop settings:

Depending on the prospect's title/persona, Amplemarket's value props are:

SDR Managers
"Our software enables you to generate higher quality leads with enhanced personalization and intelligent automation, ensuring your team's quotas are met and reducing onboarding time for new SDRs/BDRs."

Sales Operations Managers
"With Amplemarket, you'll streamline your sales process, reduce friction, and increase the top of your sales funnel. We integrate all the tools you need for efficient lead gen, outreach, and automation into a single, easy-to-use platform."

"Discover a cost-effective sales enablement solution with Amplemarket. With features like competitor lead scraping and detailed buyer intent insights, we ensure a more personalized sales approach at scale. You'll efficiently implement new team members and supercharge your new business revenue while keeping your budget under control."

"We empower your company's growth using advanced targeting and multi-channel outreach. With Amplemarket, you'll not only reach your revenue targets but also capture more market share."

"Watch your business grow with Amplemarket's scalable outreach to your target market. Our platform is cost-effective for small teams, easy to onboard, and backed by a 'Can do!' customer support team."

Rev Ops
"Amplemarket consolidates your outbound tools and integrates AI and reporting analytics into one platform. We offer native integration with Salesforce and Hubspot, simplifying your prospecting and sales engagement."

"Amplemarket enhances your inbound enrichment and automation. Our software generates highly personalized messages to 3x your response rates, effectively converting leads into customers."

Tone of Voice Settings

The default tone of voice of the AI Copywriter is "direct, informal, and brief." However, through our AI Copywriter settings page (Account Settings -> AI Copywriter), you can adjust it to your preferred writing style.

💡 Pro-tip #2: But you can get creative here too and try to nudge our AI Copywriter to compose emails however you'd like! You can select different tones. You can combine those tones with selling methodologies or specific copywriting techniques. You can use it to customize the language in which your emails are written. The sky here is really the limit.

Here are a few examples of prompts that have worked well with us and other teams using the AI Copywriter:

  • "Use Metaphoric storytelling."
  • "Include a friendly P.S. based on the prospect's profile, but only if there's relevant information to do so."
  • "Mention the company is hiring" -- in case you are only reaching out to companies that are hiring
  • "Use the Challenger Sale methodology, by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson, that emphasizes the need for sales reps to challenge the prospect's thinking and offer unique insights and perspectives that lead to commercial teaching and differentiation."
  • "Use a sequence of emojis to tell a story that leads to your product solving the prospect's pain points or providing a unique solution."
  • "Write the email in the language of the prospect" or "Write all your emails in German."

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