Adding a new phone number to the Dialer

Andre Martins
Andre Martins
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In order to use Amplemarket's Dialer for outbound calls, you will need to purchase a phone number. This action can only be done by an admin user.

This can be done within the Dialer Usage settings screen. First, search for the phone number you would like to add, and if it is available it will show you the number to purchase. Other options will also show, in case it is not available.

Once the phone number has been purchased, assign it to one of your users so they can use it in their outbound calls.


We are currently not charging any additional fees for any phone number added.

For specific countries, you may require additional documentation in order to purchase the phone number. You can check here what kind of documentation may be needed for each country, in case you encounter that request. For more information, feel free to reach out to us at



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