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With Amplemarket, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your sequences metrics across different channels such as email and LinkedIn. This data-driven approach empowers you to refine your strategies and enhance your sequence performance effectively, ensuring your sales campaigns reach their full potential. 


Let's dive into the different sections and what they mean for you.

Sequence Stats & Sequence Overview




Leads Section


  • Active Leads: Counts the people currently going through your sequence.
  • Finished Leads: Number of people who've finished the sequence, replied, or booked a meeting.
  • Total Leads: The sum of all people who have been part of your sequence excluding bounces and spam blocks.

Email Metrics 

  • Open Rate: Tracks how many people have opened an email from your sequence at least once.
  • Reply Rate: Shows how many have responded to your emails.
  • Interested Status: Marks leads with demonstrated interest, pivotal for prioritizing follow-ups.
  • Bounce Rate: Reflects delivery issues, a critical metric for maintaining email sender health.
  • Spam Indicator: Reflects the emails marked as spam by recipients.

LinkedIn Interaction 

  • Open Rate: Tracks how many people have opened a LinkedIn message (Text, Voice, or Video) from your sequence.
  • Reply Rate: Shows how many have responded to your LinkedIn conversation.
  • Acceptance Rate: Tracks the success of connection requests, a key step in expanding your professional network.


Sequence Stats Example

Let's say you've added 35 leads to your 4-step sequence in Amplemarket. One lead was removed as they were recently contacted. Out of the remaining, 4 were marked as spam and 2 emails bounced back, leaving you with 28 leads that were fully sequenced.

  • Active Leads: 3 are still going through the sequence.
  • Finished Leads: 25 have completed all the steps.

Now, let's look at how they interacted with your sequence:

  • Emails Opened: 10 out of 28 opened at least one email, giving you an Open Rate of 36%.
  • Email Replies: 1 lead replied to an email, resulting in an Email Reply Rate of 4%.
  • LinkedIn Message Views: 5 leads checked your LinkedIn messages, which means an Open Rate of 18%.
  • Connection Requests Accepted: 10 out of 28 accepted your request, which equals a 36% Acceptance Rate.
  • LinkedIn Replies: 3 leads responded to your LinkedIn text, giving you an 11% Reply Rate.

Sequence Stages Breakdown



Delve into the specifics of each campaign stage with our Stage Breakdown. Assess individual step performance, pinpoint drop-off points, and identify successes or issues within your sequences.


Sequence Contacts


The Sequences Contacts section in Amplemarket is your go-to spot to see how your leads are interacting with your sequence. This part focuses on Email and LinkedIn activities and makes tracking these interactions a breeze.

  • Table Insights: The table shows you at a glance if a lead has opened an email or LinkedIn message, or if they've replied.
  • Interaction Count: You'll see numbers telling you how many times a lead has opened messages. Plus, there's a handy checkmark that shows if there's been any reply.
  • Reply Details: When you see a checkmark under "Replied," you can hover over it to see which channel got a response.
  • Open Breakdown: The "Opened" column adds up all the opens from emails and LinkedIn messages. Hover over it, and you'll get a breakdown of opens for each channel.

Using filters like "Replied" will show you all the contacts who've engaged, while "Unopened" will display those who haven't peeked at any messages yet.


Important Note

  • Open rates for emails are updated once a day.
  • Acceptance rates for LinkedIn connection requests are updated every other day, contingent on the LinkedIn network sync.

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