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What are Personas and why are they useful

Personas are sets of person and company level filters that allow you to define your ideal buyer profiles (e.g. Sales Decision Makers in B2B Tech Companies).

After you create a Persona, you no longer have to re-apply all of those person and company related filters every time you start a new search. You can simply tap into the desired signal you want to pull from the Searcher (e.g. Recent Job Changes) or a LinkedIn post and apply your Persona filter on top so that you hone in on your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP).

Personas are also useful because later on, once you start sequencing leads in Amplemarket, you'll get detailed analytics that will allow you to evaluate your outreach performance based on each Persona.

❗Important callout #1: Personas (and any changes applied to them) apply to the whole account, so that every user is working over the same version of them.

❗Important callout #2: Even though anyone can use Personas as a filter, their creation and management is only permitted to Admins.

How to create Personas

Personas can be created directly in the Searcher under the Intelligence filters:


Or via your Settings page (Settings -> System Preferences -> Personas):


To create a Persona you'll have a modal with a Searcher-like interface where you can apply the set of person (e.g. titles, seniorities, etc) and company (e.g. industry, location, headcount, etc) level filters that best describe your ICP. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between a Persona and a Saved Search?

Saved Searches are essentially lists of leads that update in realtime according to the set of filters that are applied to them. You can use them to create Sequences, push leads to your CRM, etc.

Personas are simply another searcher filter that can be used to create these Saved Searches. They are basically a filter shortcut so that you can save time by not having to apply all of the filters that describe your ICP every time you start a new search.

Here's an example:

Let's say that I save this search that looks for Heads of Engineering in India that changed jobs to a new company in the last 3 months. This means that my ICP (or at least part of it) is Heads of Engineering in India. This is my ideal buyer profile.

If I save Heads of Engineering in India as a Persona (i.e. Title = "Heads of Engineering" and Location = "India"), and I start a new search that looks for a different signal, let's say companies currently hiring software engineers, I now no longer have to re-apply the Title and Location filters that define my target buyers in these companies. I can simply select the filter that gives me all the companies currently hiring software engineers, apply the Heads of Engineering in India Persona on top of it and then finally save my search.

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