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Optimize your sales strategy by integrating vital CRM data directly into Amplemarket. This concise guide walks you through the process of leveraging CRM Custom Fields from HubSpot or Salesforce, enabling you to enrich customer interactions and streamline your sales processes.



Quick Start to CRM Custom Fields

CRM Custom Fields bridge your HubSpot or Salesforce data with Amplemarket. This integration ensures your team can access and utilize critical data points without leaving Amplemarket.

Key Advantages:

  • Direct Integration: Map your essential CRM data from HubSpot or Salesforce into Amplemarket with minimal effort.
  • Sales Optimization: Utilize enriched data to personalize your sales approach, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.
  • Efficiency Boost: Keep your sales operations in one place, reducing the need to switch between multiple platforms and tools.

How to Set Up (admin users only)

Effortlessly integrate your CRM data into Amplemarket by following these simple steps:

Accessing Integration Settings

  • Log into your Amplemarket account.
  • Head to Settings > Integrations and choose either HubSpot or Salesforce.
  • Under Mappings, you can manage existing mappings or establish new ones.

The Mapping Process

  • Choose an Amplemarket Field Name for the CRM data you wish to map.
  • Select the CRM Field from HubSpot or Salesforce you want to bring to Amplemarket
  • Save your changes to apply the mapping.

After a successful setup, Amplemarket will start to sync the CRM-mapped fields so you can see them across the Contacts Page, and Account Pages, and use them as Dynamic Fields.

Leveraging CRM Custom Fields

As an Amplemarket user, you can check your CRM Custom Fields in the single Contact Page and Account Pages and use them as Dynamic Fields directly on your Sequences.

This will help gather context on a given person or company before engaging with them as use your specific CRM-based data as a way to improve your outbound efforts personalization.

Contact Page


Account Page

Ensuring Data Synchronicity

Amplemarket maintains the freshness of your CRM data through regular updates, ensuring your team always has the most current information at their disposal.

In Summary

By leveraging CRM Custom Fields in Amplemarket, you empower your sales team with the data needed to deliver personalized, data-driven engagements. This optimizes your sales workflow by avoiding multiple jumps between Amplemarket and your CRM while significantly enhancing your engagement quality by enabling additional personalization on your outbound efforts.

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