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When integrating with HubSpot, various property-related errors can occur, impacting the successful creation or update of records. This FAQ addresses these errors, categorized under "Property values were not valid," providing reasons and resolutions.

Property doesn't exist

This error occurs when an integration attempts to use a property that HubSpot does not recognize. This could be due to a misspelling, a change in property names, or if the property has not yet been created in your HubSpot account.

Amplemarket's Suggestion: Carefully verify the property names used in your integration requests. Ensure they exactly match the property names defined in your HubSpot account, including adherence to case sensitivity and elimination of any extra spaces.

Generic Steps to Resolve Property Issues:

  • Verify Property Names:
    • Navigate to the HubSpot dashboard.
    • Go to Settings and select Properties under the Data Management section.
    • Use the search function to check if the property in question exists.
    • Confirm that the spelling and formatting exactly match what is used in your integration code.
  • Create or Modify Properties:
    • If the property does not exist:
      • Click on Create a property.
      • Follow the steps to define the new property, ensuring it aligns with the requirements of your integration.
    • If updates or corrections are needed:
      • Select the existing property and click Edit.
      • Make necessary adjustments to ensure consistency with your integration requirements.
  •  Test the Integration:
    • Monitor for any errors to ensure the issue is fully resolved.

By ensuring that all property names in your integration match exactly those in your HubSpot account, and by creating any necessary new properties, you can prevent this error from occurring and maintain smooth data integration.

Learn more by checking HubSpot's Help Center.

Invalid option

This error typically occurs when data sent to a HubSpot property, such as a dropdown or checkbox field, does not match the predefined options within HubSpot. This might happen due to discrepancies in the fields mapping between Amplemarket and HubSpot.

Ensure that all field mappings and data sent to HubSpot align precisely with the properties set up in your HubSpot account, especially for fields with specific selectable options like dropdown menus or checkboxes.

Generic Steps to Resolve INVALID_OPTION Errors:

  • Verify HubSpot Property Settings:
    • Navigate to your HubSpot account.
    • Go to Settings and select Properties under the Data Management section.
    • Locate the property in question (e.g., "Number of Employees") and review the options that are configured for this property.
  •  Align Data with HubSpot Configuration:
    • Ensure that the data being sent from external forms or integrations matches the internal values set for the HubSpot property.
    • If using a form tool like Swipe Pages, check that the form's field options correspond exactly to those in HubSpot.
  •  Adjust Property Options or Form Settings:
    • If necessary, adjust the options in the HubSpot property to include new valid options or modify existing ones to align with your data sources.
    • Update external forms or integration settings to reflect these changes accurately.
  •  Testing and Validation:
    • Monitor for further issues or errors to confirm the resolution is effective.

Learn more by checking HubSpot's Help Center.

Max length

This error indicates that a text field's content exceeds HubSpot's maximum length limit for that property.

How to solve: Review the maximum character count allowed for the property in question and modify your integration to truncate or validate text values to ensure compliance before sending data to HubSpot.

Invalid domain

This error arises when the domain property value submitted to HubSpot does not meet the platform's validation criteria, typically due to incorrect formatting. This can prevent successful data integration and disrupt automation processes aimed at capturing accurate domain information.

To prevent the invalid domain error, ensure that all domain values submitted through your integrations or entered by users are correctly formatted, adhering strictly to standard domain formatting guidelines.

Learn more by checking HubSpot's Help Center.

Invalid email

This error occurs when an email address entered or imported into HubSpot does not meet the platform's standard email format requirements. Typically, this is due to incorrect formatting, such as missing "@" symbols, incorrect domain extensions, or spaces.

Learn more by checking HubSpot's Help Center.

One or More Associations Are Not Valid

This error arises when your integration attempts to associate records in a manner that HubSpot does not recognize or permit, such as linking contacts to companies using an incorrect or nonexistent association ID.

How to solve: Verify that all association IDs used in your integration are valid and correspond to the correct records in HubSpot. Review HubSpot's documentation on associations to ensure you're using the correct method for linking records.

For further assistance with these errors or to explore more about HubSpot integration practices, please refer to the HubSpot Developer Documentation.

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