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Amplemarket Email Warmup is Amplemarket’s delivery optimization service that helps you build, protect, and optimize your email deliverability. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to enable it for Gmail.

We offer two different alternatives to connect your mailbox to our warmup network:

  1. Connecting via Google OAuth (recommended)
  2. Connecting via App Password

Connecting via OAuth is recommended as after the initial "one-time setup" process is done, any user on your Google Workspace will be able to connect their mailbox to Amplemarket's warmup network without the additional overhead of having to generate an app password.


Connecting via Google OAuth (recommended)

To connect any mailbox of your Google Workspace to Amplemarket's warmup network, a "one-time setup" process needs to be followed.

The foolproof way to verify if this procedure is to follow the instructions described in the Connecting a mailbox via Google OAuth section. If you see the following error screen:

That means that Google Workspace's initial setup process hasn't been complete successfully. You'll need to be a Google Workspace admin to complete the initial setup procedure.


Google Workspace's initial setup

This process only needs to be done once per Google Workspace and you'll need to be a Google Workspace Admin to complete it.


  1. Go to your Google Workspace Admin console
  2. Click on "Add app" and select "OAuth App Name Or Client ID" from the available options

  3. Unless explicitly instructed otherwise by our support team, paste the following client ID and click "Search". You should see an app named Amplemarket Warmup appear on the screen:

  4. Press "Select" on the Amplemarket Warmup app:

  5. Select the only OAuth Client ID available and press "Select":

  6. Choose the option with the (all users) label and press "Continue":

  7. Select Trusted and press "Continue":

  8. Finally, click "Finish":


Connecting a mailbox via Google OAuth

  1. Go to Amplemarket's Email Warmup settings page
  2. Click on the enable toggle of the mailbox you want to add to the warmup network:

  3. Click the "Configure" under the Google OAuth option:

  4. If this is the first mailbox you're connecting via Google OAuth for this domain, you'll see a summary of the instructions described in Google Workspace's initial setup section of this article:

    If your Google Workspace Admin already has followed the procedure, you can click on "Connect mailbox". If you do so without completing the initial setup, you'll be greeted with the I get an "unstrusted app" error when I click on "Connect Mailbox" error.

  5. You'll be taken to the Google login page. If you're logged in with multiple Google accounts, ensure that you select the one that matches the mailbox you're enabling the warmup to:

  6. You should see that warmup was enabled for the mailbox and a confirmation message:




I get an error after attempting to connect my mailbox

If you see this error and you have multiple Google accounts, please ensure that you've selected the right account when logging in to Google:

If you did, feel free to reach out to our support team (via support@amplemarket.com), we'll gladly help you out troubleshoot the problem further.


I get an "untrusted app" error when I click on "Connect Mailbox"

If you see the screen bellow when you try to connect your mailbox via Google OAuth, its a symptom that your Google Workspace Admin wasn't able to to complete the Google Workspace's initial setup procedure:

If you have multiple Google Workspace, please note that the procedure needs to be done once on every Google Workspace that has mailboxes you want to add to Amplemarket's warmup network using Google OAuth.



Connecting via App Password

To connect your mailbox via App Password, you need to have 2-Step Verification on your Google Workspace.

You can go to your Google account settings to verify if you have 2-Step Verification enabled. Under How you sign in to Google you should see a green checkmark on the 2-Step Verification option:

If you find that the option isn't enabled, you can follow this Google Guide to enable 2-Step Verification for your account.


Enable IMAP for your Gmail Account

  1. Go to your Gmail's Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings page. Make sure you have IMAP enabled, otherwise, enable it and press "Save Changes":


Create Amplemarket warmup Gmail filter

  1. Go to your Gmail inbox. On the mail search bar press the settings icon:

  2. Copy the text bellow and paste it to the Subject input of the dropdown that appears and press "Create filter":

  3. Check the following options - Skip the Inbox (Archive it) / Mark as read / Never send it to Spam / Always mark it as important - and press "Create filter":

Connecting a mailbox using App Password

  1. Go to your Google account App Passwords settings page and under "App name" add a name you'll recognize in the future - in this example, we'll use Amplemarket Warmup - and click "Create":

  2. Select and copy the generated password:

  3. Go to Amplemarket's Email Warmup settings page

  4. Click on the enable toggle of the mailbox you want to add to the warmup network:
  5. Under the App Password (SMTP/IMAP) section, click "Configure":

  6. Paste the password you've generated in step 2. to the App-password input:

  7. Click on "Test SMTP connection" and "Test IMAP connection". Both tests need to pass, otherwise, you won't be able to connect to the mailbox:

  8. Finally, press "Connect & Enable":

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