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To tell if an email's been open, a link to an image the size of a pixel (invisible) is included on sent emails. This email open tracking pixel is hosted in an Amplemarket domain, e.g.

Having all links in an email coming from the same domain greatly improves deliverability.

To customize Amplemarket's email open tracking pixel link to originate from your domain (instead of amplemarket's) follow the steps bellow.

Step 1: Access you domain's DNS management

If you don't have access to the login credentials, share this guide with someone in your organization who does, usually the IT team, or the person that bought the domain.

You'll need access to the domain management page to set up your Custom Email Open Tracking link.

  1. Go to, find your domain and press DNS
  2. You will enter a page that looks like this

Step 2: Create a new DNS record

  1. Press the Add New Record button

  2. Create a CNAME Record
Type Name / Host Target / Value TTL
5 min

Amplemarket automatically starts using your Custom Email Open Tracking Link if it detects a CNAME record created with either one of the following Name / Host:

  • trk
  • pxl
  • trk42

Alternatively, you can use a different Name / Host, but Amplemarket will not automatically detect it, therefore you'll need to login to Amplemarket to complete the setup.


Note: DNS records may take several hours to become available. You may have to wait a while after creating the record.

Step 3: Update Amplemarket

If you've created the CNAME record with trk, pxl, or trk42, your setup is now complete, Amplemarket will eventually detect the new record and start using your Domain for Email Open Tracking links.


If you've chosen an alternative Name / Host (e.g. myhost), you'll need to login to Amplemarket to complete the setup:

Go to Settings > Custom Trackers

Set your Custom Tracker for your Domain, Test it, and Save

You must input same Name / Host you've created the CNAME record with.


You've completed the setup for your domain!


Disclaimer: HTTPS and HSTS Limitations

We currently don’t support HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) protected domains to be used as custom trackers.
If your domain is protected by HSTS policy, here’s what you can do to use a custom tracker for your email domains:

  • Update your HSTS policy so it does not cover subdomains, and then use one of the subdomains to configure the custom tracker;
  • Update your custom tracker settings to use a domain that is not HSTS protected.
As a fallback, you can:
  • use the default tracker provided by Amplemarket;
  • Purchase a new domain (e.g., and configure that domain to be used for open tracking (without activating HSTS).


If you have any more questions about custom trackers, reach out to

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