How to Use Sales Navigator with the Amplemarket Extension

Andre Martins
Andre Martins

In this guide, we will show you how to leverage Amplemarket with Sales Navigator. Follow these steps to effectively use the tools together and maximize your sales efforts.

1. Initial Setup

Begin by opening Sales Navigator and logging into your account.
Ensure you have the Amplemarket extension installed on your browser.

2. Performing a Search

Use the Sales Navigator search bar to input your search criteria. For example, you might be looking for leads based on industry, company size, or location.
Customize the search parameters to refine your results and target the right leads.



3. Using the Amplemarket Extension

With your search results displayed in Sales Navigator, open the Amplemarket extension from your browser.

The Amplemarket overlay will provide additional options and features directly on the Sales Navigator page.


4. Leveraging Amplemarket Features

You can use Amplemarket to enrich your leads with more data points such as contact details and company insights.
Select the leads you are interested in and you can either add them directly to a list that you can use in your sequences, or you can gather more information using Amplemarket's searcher, by pressing "Filter Leads in Searcher". This will open them in the searcher where you can get reveal their e-mails or phones, and save that search for future use in sequences.



Alternatively, you can also add them directly to a list by pressing the "Add to List" button, where you can add to an existing list or create a new one:



Note: Adding to a list will automatically reveal their e-mails and enrich them the leads.

Finally, you can also export as a .csv in case you want to work that list before importing to your CRM or Amplemarket.

5. Reaching out to Leads within SalesNav


Using the Amplemarket extension, you can open a lead profile, and work them from there. You can manually reveal the e-mail and phone, and add them to a sequence directly, or to a list:



Here is a summary in video form by our founder Mica of everything we covered in this article: 



Happy prospecting!

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