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Albato is a third-party automation tool that will allow you to integrate Amplemarket with other applications such as CRM's. You can create an account here.

Before setting up integrations with Amplemarket, connect the app to Albato. 

To do this, go to the Apps section and click the Add a connection button.


Select the app and click the Add a connection button.

Frame (1).png

Come up with a name for your connection or save the default one. Click the Continue button.

Frame (2).png

Click the Got it button.

Frame (3).png

Copy the Albato Webhook URL.

Frame (4).png

Next go to your Amplemarket account to set up the webhook.

Open the Account Settings tab.

Frame (5).png

Go to the Integrations tab.

Frame (6).png

Choose the Other Integrations option and click the Connect button.

Frame (7).png

Paste the Albato Webhook URL in the Test Webhook field.

Frame (8).png

Next you can specify the action to send the data by choosing the Push all new contacts or the Push only contacts that replied options.

You can also enable sending contacts via JSON in realtime.

Click the Save Changes button.

Frame (9).png

The connection ir ready!

Next we will show you how to how to set up the URL for the Inbound Smart Action Webhook. More details can be found here.

Go to the Inbound Workflows tab.

Frame (10).png

Click the New Inbound Workflow.

Frame (11).png

Click on the "Expand" icon.

Frame (12).png

Copy URL.

Frame (13).png

Now go to the Albato account.

Open the Automations section.

Click the New button.

Frame (14).png

Choose the second step of the automation.

Frame (15).png

In the App field choose Amplemarket.

Choose the Inbound Smart Webhook for new Lead action.

Pick your Amplemarket account.

Click the Add an action button.

Frame (16).png

In the POST URL field paste the Amplemarket URL.

Frame (17).png

Specify Lead email address and fill in other fields according to your own personal needs.

Click the Save button.

Set up the first step and run the Automation!

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