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Important note: In this article, you can find a guide about the new List upload flow via CSV. You might still not have access to this flow as it has not yet been rolled out to all customers.

1. Go to Lists

Access your Lists by going to the Prospect section of the Amplemarket sidebar and clicking on the Lists icon.

2. Click on 'Upload List from CSV'

To upload leads to a new List, click on the ‘Upload List from CSV’ button on the top right corner of the Lists page.

3. Upload your CSV

After clicking on ‘Upload List from CSV’, you will see a modal screen where you can drop your CSV file or click on the upload area to upload.

Note: In order to properly identify and enrich all of your uploaded leads, Amplemarket requires each uploaded lead to have at least one of the following combinations of information:

  1. A LinkedIn URL of the person
  2. An email address of the person
  3. A name of the person (which can be either in the form of a first and last name or a full name altogether) and the company of the person (which can take the form of the name of the company or the domain of the company)
  4. A title of the person and the company of the person (which again can take the form of the name of the company or the domain of the company)

3.1. All uploaded leads ready to import

If everything is correct with your file and your uploaded leads, you will see a green checkmark indicating that your leads are ready for import. If you want, you can optionally check the mappings section to ensure that we are identifying your leads using the correct columns from your uploaded file.

3.2. Some leads missing information

If some leads are missing necessary information, you will see a notification indicating which leads need attention. For example, in the screenshot below, 6 out of 100 leads are missing information:

When some leads are missing information, you should verify if there’s indeed missing information for the leads on the highlighted lines (remember that for each lead we need at least a LinkedIn URL, Email, or a combination of their name or title plus the name of their company name or the domain):

  • If you confirm that there's indeed missing information, you can either re-upload a new file fixing the missing information or proceed with importing the remaining leads that have sufficient information.
  • If you find that the necessary information is present in the file review our mappings to make sure they are correct. Ensure the columns in your file are correctly mapped to the appropriate fields in Amplemarket. For example, if the company name column was not mapped, map it correctly. This adjustment will allow you to import the remaining leads successfully.

3.3. All uploaded leads missing information

If all leads are missing necessary information, you will see a notification indicating that no leads are ready for import. For instance, in the screenshot below, 99 out of 99 leads are missing information:

If all leads are missing information, you will not be able to proceed with the upload. You will need to either fix the mappings in case we didn’t find one of the mandatory fields (e.g., mapping the “co” column to “company domain” in the image above) or re-upload a new file with the required information.

3.4. Enrichment and Email Validation Options

When leads are imported to Amplemarket these are the data fields that Amplemarket enriches by default:

  • email_status (e.g. "verified", "guessed email", etc)
  • email (e.g. "john.doe@company1.com")
  • first_name (e.g. "John")
  • last_name (e.g. "Doe")
  • title (e.g. "CEO")
  • linkedin (e.g. "https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-doe/")
  • company_name (e.g. "Company 1")
  • company_domain (e.g. "company1.com")
  • company_size (e.g. "51-200 employees")
  • industry (e.g. "Computer Software")
  • location (e.g. "San Francisco Bay Area")
  • city (e.g. "San Francisco")
  • state (e.g. "California")
  • country (e.g. "United States")
  • company_linkedin (e.g. "http://www.linkedin.com/company/company-1")

If you upload a file where all uploaded leads have an email address you will have the following two options:

  • Enrich leads with additional information -- which will enrich the upload leads with the data fields mentioned above.
  • Validate emails -- which will verify if your uploaded emails are valid and prevent hard bounces.

3.5. Uploading your own phone numbers

Note that if your CSV file has phone numbers associated with leads you can import them to Amplemarket. Just make sure that the column where you are storing the phone numbers is mapped to our phone_number field.

You can also upload more than one phone number, as long as they are delimited by ";".

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