Technical Troubleshooting for the Chrome Extension

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Amplemarket's Chrome Extension brings your dashboard closer to your Gmail inbox and LinkedIn activity. You can read more about the extension's feature in the Amplemarket Chrome Extension articles.


If you experience technical issues with Amplemarket’s Chrome Extension we recommend following the 8 steps described in this article as they were proven helpful for many other users.


Step 1 - Log out and back in to Amplemarket.

  • Sounds like a cliché, but it does solve most common issues.


Step 2 - Check if Amplemarket’s Chrome Extension has all sites access enabled

  • Go to the Amplemarket Extension by clicking here.
  • Scroll down to Site Access and check if the "on all sites” option is enabled.

Step 3 - Update the extension

  • Click on "Update" in the top left corner of the same page.
  • Retry the extension to understand if the issue is resolved.

Step 4 - Check if you have the latest Chrome version installed

  • Open the settings menu of your Chrome browser Mouse over “Help” Click “About Google Chrome”

NOTE: Your Chrome browser is up to date if you see the following message: “Google Chrome is up to date”. If not up to date, run install updates as this might be causing the issue.


Step 5 - Quit/Restart Chrome

  • Close all Chrome tabs.
  • Restart Chrome and open a new tab to test if the technical issue still persists.

Step 6 - Reinstall the chrome extension

  • Go to the chrome extension store
  • Click "Remove from Chrome"
  • Add the extension to chrome once again


Step 7 - Create a new chrome profile to test the extension

Sometimes other extensions can interfere with the functionality of the Amplemarket extension. To understand the root cause of the issue you are experiencing you should:

  • Add a new chrome profile.
  • Log in to your Amplemarket dashboard on the new profile
  • Install the chrome extension. You can find the link to the chrome extension here.
  • Open LinkedIn or Gmail in this new chrome profile and test the extension.

If the extension works on the new profile there might be a problem with another extension that currently is installed. Try to disable each chrome extension and enable them one by one to figure out which extension is causing the issue. If you found out which extension is causing the issue please contact


Step 8 - Verify blocked cookies

Verify if your browser is blocking cookies. Click on the on the 🔒 (padlock) and go the cookie menu.



Go to the tab "Blocked" and verify if Amplemarket is listed. If yes - select > and click "Allow". Afterwards, reload the page.




Step 9 - Manually add cookie exception


If none of the steps above solved the technical issue you experience with the chrome extension you should reach out to your dedicated account manager or contact the team via intercom or


Note: To help the team resolve your problem asap, please add a description of the problem and a screenshot of the page where you encountered the issue.




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