How to Test Your Sequences

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Amplemarket Team
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You might want to test your sequence after you created it. Amplemarket allows you to test those sequences by sending them to your inbox. This feature specifically enables testing of individual email stages within your sequence, making it easier to iterate on and perfect each email.


Testing Single Email Stages
You can now test individual email stages within a sequence to ensure each email is perfect before sending it out.

You can find the β€œSend Test Email” button next to each email stage while you are in the edit view of a sequence.

To send the test email, Amplemarket will ask you to fill in the necessary information for all dynamic fields you included in the sequence.

The "Recipient Email" field should contain the email address you want to use to send out the test emails.

The individual email will be sent to the inbox. You will receive the test email in a matter of minutes, allowing you to see exactly how the email will appear to your recipients.

NOTE: if the emails did not arrive in your inbox after 5min you might want to check if the emails ended up in the spam folder of the inbox.



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