Attaching case studies and PDFs to your emails

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The best option to add a case study in your email/LinkedIn messages is by adding a link to space in the cloud where people can access the file you want to share. This way your email does not have a larger size and your email deliverability is not at risk.


Here is an example of how to add a case study using google drive.


  • Go to your google drive account.
  • Make sure the file you want to share in your outreach efforts is uploaded to your drive.
  • Open the file
  • Click ‘Share’ in the top right corner
  • In the section “get link” - set up the link in such a way that everyone who receives the link can view the file.
  • Click on “Copy link”
  • Go to your Amplemarket template. Select the words you want to convert into the link to the case study. In the below example I used the words “this case study”.
  • Then click on the “link” symbol and paste the link in the field that appears.
  • Hit save


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