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By default, Amplemarket uses a shared tracking pixel to track all email opens. In order to optimize email deliverability you should set up a your own custom tracking pixel, instead of using a shared one.

Amplemarket allows you to set up a custom trackers for each of the domains on the account. This will mitigate the risk of a shared tracker from spreading deliverability problems across email domains. 

Our data shows that you should use a subdomain that is associated with your main email domain to avoid spam filters and optimize email deliverability. For example:


Main domain - amplemarket.com
Subdomain for tracking - t.amplemarket.com




How to Set up Your own Custom Tracker

Step 1. Create a sub-domain and set up a CNAME DNS record

  • The person that manages your domain settings should first create a CNAME record in the DNS settings of the domain. Send them this guide so they can set it up in under 5min!
  • The process of editing DNS records is different depending on your DNS provider however here is what you should fill in the correct fields:
    • DNS Record Type: CNAME
    • Points To / Value / Data / Content: t.amplmkt.com  
    • TTL: No need to edit this
    • Host / Host Name / Name: can set it to t (more detailed note below) 
  • The hostname field must contain text only. This text will be the subdomain used for tracking (i.e. it will be peach if you want the tracking subdomain to be peach.your-domain.com). In this case “t” will be used as t.amplemarket.com.
    Note - do not mention amplemarket in this field (not "amplemarket.yourdomain.com")
  • The “Points To” field is the address of our server that registers opens.
  • The TTL field defines how many times your subdomain will be refreshed. No need to modify anything here.

  • Note - If you need any specific instructions on how to set up the CNAME record on your domain provider you should look for “CNAME” in the help section they provide.


Step 2. Add the custom tracker domain in your Amplemarket Account Settings

  1. Login in to your Amplemarket Account
  2. Click Account Settings in your left sidebar
  3. Click Custom Trackers under System Preferences 
  4. Copy and paste each custom tracker to their assigned domain
  5. Click Save button, to save new settings.

Always make sure that you're using a subdomain, instead of your root domain.


That's it!

We'll do a check of your DNS records and see if everything looks good. If it doesn't work right away, please note that it can take up to 72 hours before these changes are fully propagated.

If you'd like to test your new custom tracker domain you can click the Test Custom Domain button. If it's working correctly you should see a green notification saying "Your custom tracking domain is setup correctly".

Disclaimer: HTTPS and HSTS Limitations

We currently don’t support HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) protected domains to be used as custom trackers.
If your domain is protected by HSTS policy, here’s what you can do to use a custom tracker for your email domains:

  • Update your HSTS policy so it does not cover subdomains, and then use one of the subdomains to configure the custom tracker;
  • Update your custom tracker settings to use a domain that is not HSTS protected.
As a fallback, you can:
  • use the default tracker provided by Amplemarket;
  • Purchase a new domain (e.g., your_company.co) and configure that domain to be used for open tracking (without activating HSTS).


If you have any more questions about custom trackers, reach out to support@amplemarket.com

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