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There is no silver bullet when it comes to cold emailing. So we have created a dedicated page to good examples our clients have shared with us over the years. Below are 2 examples of successful emails. Feel free to check our blog to see the entire collection here.

Good sales email 1:

Hi #{{first_name}},

I've seen from your website that you're getting repetitive support requests.

I'm the #{{title}} of Gorgias, we help support teams treat all customer support in one screen. This way, the support team can respond faster to customers.

Do you think it could help #{{company_name}}? If so, happy to tell you how (here's my calendar) / show you a demo (we're in SF too).

Good sales email 2:

Hi #{{first_name}},

As you continue to innovate over at #{{company_name}} , I thought I’d drop you a quick note introducing Captain401, a Y-Combinator backed 401(k) provider that offers investment advising and automates all administration by syncing with payroll.

Do you have 10-15 minutes this week or next to discuss your current plan (if you have one) and what employee benefits you’re looking to or currently providing?


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