How to upload leads and start a sequence?

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When you want to add leads to a sequence you can do that directly from a List (easiest method) or you may want to upload your own leads in a CSV file.


To do so, you can start a sequence from your Amplemarket dashboard. After choosing if you want to start from scratch or cloning an existing sequence, and building the steps, it will bring you to the "Leads" section, where you can upload your CSV file:

Note: the csv needs to have a column named "email"


When uploading the list, you will be able to see leads that are ready, and leads that removed, either because they are in the exclusion list, or because they were recently contacted. It also shows leads that cannot be added to the sequence, because they are already in the sequence.



You can proceed to sequence these leads anyways by checking the boxes "Add recently contacted leads", "Add leads listed in the exclusion list" or "Add active leads in other sequences".


Possible errors preventing you from scheduling:

  • When uploading the leads make sure you have the same columns as dynamic fields you are using.
  • Remember that the maximum number of leads that you can add to a sequence is 200 leads.
  • Make sure you remove blank rows from the CSV file as these will also count when we are checking for the total number of leads.
  • If you want to contact previously contacted leads, deselect the box in advanced settings.
  • Make sure you have an email column.
  • Make sure your csv values are separated by ",", ";" or "\t".

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