How to upload leads and start a sequence?

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When you want to add leads to a sequence you can do that directly from a List (easiest method) or you may want to upload your own leads in a CSV file.


To do so, you can start a sequence from your amplemarket dashboard. This will send you to the " Lead Sources" menu where you can upload your CSV file:

Note: the csv needs to have a column named "email"

In advanced settings you'll be able do decide if you want to contact leads that are in your exclusion list or that you've contacted in the past 3 months.



If you maintain the advanced settings in default, but all the leads in the CSV file have been contacted less than 3 months ago, the following message will appear:


To be able to schedule a campaign with leads that have been contacted less than 3 months ago, you should disable the 2nd check box.


When you deselect the box of excluding previously contacted leads, the following message will appear:


In this step you can still remove the leads that were contacted in the past 3 months by clicking the link remove these contacts.


Possible errors preventing you from scheduling:

  • When uploading the leads make sure you have the same columns as dynamic fields you are using.
  • Remember that the maximum number of leads that you can add to a sequence is 200 leads.
  • Make sure you remove blank rows from the CSV file as these will also count when we are checking for the total number of leads.
  • If you want to contact previously contacted leads, deselect the box in advanced settings.
  • Make sure you have an email column.
  • Make sure your csv values are separated by ",", ";" or "\t".

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