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How to find your Reporting

When you click the πŸ“ˆ icon on the left you'll be able to see a summary of your outbound.

In reporting you'll be able to track all the aggregate metrics that let you better understand the success of your campaigns.

  • New Prospects - # of contacts that received a campaign during the period selected.
  • Open - # of contacted leads that opened an email cadence divided by the number of active leads (meaning, they've successfully completed at least one step of the sequence). Please note that the % of open don't include LinkedIn message as this data is not available. 
  • Reply - # of contacted leads that replied by email or on Linkedin divided by the number of active leads.
  • Interested - # of leads that have shown an interested intent when replying to the email cadence.

Team View & Time Frame

When you land in the page you'll be able to see an overview of the campaigns you sent out, in this view you can select the time frame and whether you want to see your campaigns or the entire team.

Sequence Template Reports

There is also a possibility to check the performance of your email cadences templates. Where you can not only see the open & reply %, but also the # of interested per template.
Further you'll be able to see the # of leads that are still In Sequence as well as the Total # of Prospects contacted in the template.

Sales Representatives Reports

Finally you will be able to understand how each of your users within your team are performing in terms of leads contacted as well as open, reply and # of interested.

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