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You can access Amplemarket Analytics by pressing the "Analytics" button on the left dashboard.

In reporting you'll be able to track all the aggregate metrics that let you better understand the success of your campaigns. 


Here is a video by one of our Amplemarket Founders, Luís Batalha, giving you a brief overview of the Analytics:

Detailed Breakdown

On the Performance Overview, you will be able to find the following sections: Overview, Emails, LinkedIn, Sequence Templates, and Revenue. 


The "Overview" section is divided into 3 subsections, "Summary", "Channel Performance" and "Channel Volume". The "Summary" looks as follows:

  • New Leads - # of contacts that received a campaign during the period selected.
  • Leads interested - # of leads that have shown an interested intent when replying to the email cadence.
  • Interest rate - Percentage of leads contacted in the selected time period who, upon initial contact, expressed interest by replying
  • Meetings Booked - # of contacted leads that booked a meeting and have the "Meeting Booked" label applied
  • Meetings Booked rate - Percentage of leads who booked a meeting in the selected time period

On the Channel Performance, you will be able to find the following metrics, which will assist you in evaluating how each individual communication channel is doing:

  • Email open rate - Percentage of unique leads who opened at least one email from the sequence within a selected time period. Achieving a 40% or higher open rate signifies effective subject lines and trusted senders
  • Email reply rate - Percentage of unique leads who replied at least one email from the sequence within a selected time period. The ideal reply rate typically varies across industries, but is in the range of 2% to 5% on average.
  • LinkedIn acceptance and connection rate - Number, and %, of LinkedIn connection request sent during the selected time period that were accepted

Finally, we have the "Channel Volume" subsection, which allows you to see:

  • Emails delivered - number of delivered emails
  • LinkedIn connection requests - number of sent LinkedIn connection requests
  • Calls dialed - number of calls placed

All Channels have their own reporting section - e-mails, LinkedIn, and Calls, so you can get even more granular insight into how each one is doing.

On "Emails" you will be able to see email performance, showing the number of delivered, opened, and replied e-mails, as well as how many were marked as spam (note that Amplemarket counts soft-bounces as spam too: an e-mail might not have necessarily been marked as spam, but bounced and it will be counted here), and hard bounces.


The "LinkedIn" section will allow you to track the performance of your LinkedIn steps in sequences: the number of completed tasks, connection requests, accepted requests, messages sent, opened, and replied to. 

Note: Accepted connection requests are not tracked in real-time, although they will not immediately show, this information will eventually appear - it can however take some time to do so.

The "Calls" section will allow you to see how your calls have been performing, showing the number of calls dialed, calls connected, meaningful calls, total time on calls, and average call duration. You can also see how many calls are labeled with a specific call disposition.


Filtering and sorting

Within any section, you can use one of the pre-made date filters, or choose a custom time range in which to display information:


You can also set up custom filters if you want to see only information pertaining to a specific user, team, or persona, by pressing the "filters" button:


On the columns below each graph, you can freely customize the columns, which will save your changes permanently. You can move columns left and right, sort them as ascending or descending, or even hide them if they are not relevant to you.

If you decide to hide them, you can re-enable them in the future by pressing on the cogwheel icon to the right, where you can choose which columns you. want to enable or disable.

You can also export all the data that you have customized as a .csv by pressing on the export icon to the left of the cogwheel, which will send a report containing all this information to your e-mail.




Sequence Template Reports

There is also a possibility to check the performance of your email cadence templates where you can see not only the open & reply percentage (%) but also the # of interested per template.
Further, you'll be able to see the # of leads that are still In Sequence as well as the Total # of Prospects contacted in the template.

Sales Representatives Reports

Finally, you will be able to understand how each of your users within your team are performing in terms of leads contacted as well as open, reply, and # of interested.

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