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Note: In order to use Amplemarket's browser extension or Amplemarket's Add-in for Outlook you will need to have an account with Amplemarket. To create an account go here or send us an email at

Amplemarket's browser extension (or Outlook Add-in) brings new functionality to your inbox, allowing you to:

  • Check history / status of a lead (e.g. see which sequences they have received)
  • Get extra information about a lead (e.g. phone number, LinkedIn url)
  • Remove a lead from ongoing sequences or reply sequences
  • Write a custom reply sequence (reply + followups) from scratch
  • Start a new reply sequence directly from a template
  • Schedule an email to go out at a later time

All of these actions can be performed via our sidebar which will be available when you are viewing an email message or thread. Here is what that sidebar looks like:



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