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The purpose of the smart actions is to empower your team. Out of Office (OOO) emails you receive can be leveraged with a few smart actions and can turn into calls.

Here are a few things you can set up via the smart actions:

  • Mark the email as read
  • Mark the email never as important
  • Add to the exclusion list 
  • Delete Email 
  • Forward the email 
  • Send a reply template when the lead returns
  • Send a new campaign to the alternative contact mentioned in the OOO message.
  • Reschedule the next stage of the sequence 

    Rescheduling the next stage of the sequence: This is a new feature that will allow you to reschedule the next stage to when the prospect has returned to the office. This feature allows you to select a specific day to resume the sequence based on when the prospect will return. If a return date was not given in the prospects out of office reply the stage will resume, by default, after 14 days, but this can be configured to a maximum of 30 days. 
    In case of a long leave (e.g.: parental leave), we recommend that you take this lead out of the sequence and either reschedule them at a later date or focus on the employee who replaced them. 

    When prospects send an Out of Office email they are still active in the sequence, but are labeled as Out of Office. One the prospect returns and the rescheduled stage is sent out, they are removed from the Out of Office column and the label will be removed. 

    Email Alternative point-of-contact: Using this recipe allows the user to start a sequence with an alternate contact from the company, if that person is listed in the original Out of Office reply. As you can in the photo below, you can create a template (This one is called Out of Office) for these specific scenarios. Using this option allows you to continue your original sequence and carry out a campaign with this individual without having to wait for your first contact to return to the office. 

    Trigger Reply When Prospect Returns: This feature does exactly what it sounds like. Often times leads will list the day they will return in their Out of Office reply, if this is the case you can trigger a reply sequence for that day. Much like with the above 'recipe' the lead will be pulled from the original sequence and will be entered into another sequence once they return. 


If you want to learn more about the reason we set up this action, view the article where we discuss this in detail:




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