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Dynamic Fields

Dynamic fields are the values we provide out of the box when you export leads from prospecting, or the headers in the CSV you've uploaded. You can use dynamic fields in your cadences by simply surrounding the field name in #{{ }}, like so: #{{first_name}}. This will be replaced by the value that was provided for the lead. For example, if a lead has "John" as the first_name field then #{{first_name}} will be replaced with John.

Here is a list of the default dynamic you can use in your email templates:


{{email}} - lead email
{{first_name}} - lead first name
{{last_name}} - lead last name
{{title}} - lead job title
{{company_domain}} - company domain
{{company_name}} - company name
{{industry}} - company industry
{{country}} - lead country
{{state}}  - lead state
{{city}} - lead city


Contact Tracking Dynamic Fields

Contact tracking is a feature in Amplemarket that allows you to track specific individuals and be notified of job changes. This allows you to reach-out to qualified leads at a very relevant moment. If you would like to learn more about this feature or add to your Amplemarket plan, reach out to success@amplemarket.com

When a job change or promotion is detected, there is a number of fields that we collect, and you can use these as dynamic fields to have hyper-personalized emails for these very hot, qualified leads.

{{ CT_previous_company }} - company where the contact was working 
before the job change
{{ CT_tracking_change }} - boolean field (i.e. true or false);
if true, the contact changed jobs.
{{ CT_tracking_promotion }} - boolean field (i.e. true or false);
if true, the contact was promoted.
{{ CT_tracking_label }} - label that can be set in the contacts
that are tracked
{{ CT_previous_title }} - job title the contact had before the job
change or promotion
{{ CT_detection_date }} - date/time of the job change or promotion


Smart Dynamic Fields

If you want your follow ups to be even more personalized you can incorporate one of Amplemarket's smart dynamic fields onto your template. 

  • #{{day_of_the_week}} - Gets replaced with day of the week e.g. Wednesday
  • #{{tomorrow_or_next_day}} - To be used when scheduling calls for instance. Gets replaced by "tomorrow or Tuesday" for instance. It is aware of weekends. If sent on a Thursday it uses "tomorrow or Monday", if sent on a Friday it uses "Monday or Tuesday"
  • #{{day_or_weekend}} - If used on a Friday it gets replaced with weekend, otherwise it gets replaced with day. Use case: Have a great #{{day_or_weekend}}!

By adding these dynamic fields you'll make your reply templates seem response more natural.

Advanced Usage

You can make your cadences more general purpose by using if-else-endif clauses. This allows you to use the same cadence even if, for example, a certain lead does not have a #{{first_name}}.

Use case: Hello {% if first_name %}#{{first_name}}{% endif %},

When using the example above, if a lead has a first name the message will say "Hello #{{first_name}}," otherwise it will say "Hello,". 

Invalid Templating

If for some reason your cadence is incorrectly configured, for example if a lead does not provide a first name but you expected it to, then no email will be sent. If a lead does not have a first name field value we will never send incorrectly formatted email messages like the following:

Hello #{{first_name}},

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