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Warming up your domain consists of having SPAM filters trust your behavior. In order to do this your activity, particularly in the beginning should be very close to human behavior. The first set of emails are particularly important because they will define whether your emails are trustworthy. 

When sending these first emails have a few things in consideration:

  • Do not send sales emails in the beginning.  You want to aim for replies, they also matter when rating your email score. Personalize but without automation for the time being.
  • Have the different users exchange emails with one another and with contacts outside of that domain.
  • Enable Amplemarket's warm up network
  • Subscribe to newsletters.
  • Aim for four weeks of manual behavior before setting up your first campaigns.
  • Reach out to business emails. These have less strict spam filters than Gmail and you are likely to get more responses.
  • Avoid high bounce rates when you start sales emails. You can use Amplemarket's "Max Quality" setting.
  • Ramp up volume slowly. In the first couple you should keep your volume to 20-30 prospects every 2 days. A new email sending a high volume of emails is immediately regarded as suspicious.

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