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Inbound Workflows will allow you to automate a sequence to your inbound leads. You can accomplish this by sending to Amplemarket the inbound leads that completed a form signup on your website.


When to use

If you are collecting leads through signup forms on your website, and you want to periodically follow up with these leads to schedule a call/demo, you can use Inbound Workflows to automate this process. This will save you time and help you in reaching out to these leads in a timely manner.


Enable Inbound Workflows

These are the steps to follow in your Amplemarket Account.
  1. Login in to your Amplemarket Account
  2. On the left sidebar find the⚑️icon and click Inbound Workflows
  3. Click + New Inbound Workflow button located above on the right
  4. Provide a name to your Workflow
  5. Start configuring your workflow by expanding it 
  6. After expanding it you will find a URL that looks like this:
  7. Click on the plus (+) icon to Choose an Action. The simplest Inbound Worklows involves triggering a new sequence for each new inbound lead. To do this, choose the Trigger sequence and select the sequence template you want to use.


Important note! Inbound Workflows will require you to select a Sequence Template, just like any other sequence. You need to build the template before enabling your Inbound Workflow. Keep in mind that for these leads we do not have as many data points compared to those you get from our Searcher or from LinkedIn using the Amplemarket Chrome Extension. In any case, we will attempt to enrich your Inbound leads with the following information:

{{first_name}} - first name of the prospect

{{last_name}} - last name of the prospect

{{company_name}} - name of the company

{{company_domain}} - domain of the company


These are the only dynamic fields you should be including in our inbound sequence templates. If you try adding other dynamic fields the Inbound Workflow will most likely fail to execute and the sequence will not be sent out.

Please note that we will not always be able to enrich the data listed above so there may be instances of this action failing. If one of your Inbound Smart Actions happen to fail, consider starting that lead into a new sequence that uses fewer dynamic fields.


After following these steps you will have to connect your inbound leads with Amplemarket. 

New leads can be sent to Amplemarket by issuing a HTTP POST request to the endpoint associated with your Inbound Smart Action. The request body will have to be a JSON object with the following format:

"email": "",
"first_name": "John",
"last_name": "Doe",
"company_name": "Acme Corp",
"company_domain": ""

Note that you need at least an email field in the JSON object. Whatever fields you pass in the JSON object will be available to be used by the sequence template you selected.


If you have any further questions about your Inbound Workflows please reach out to

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