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In this article we'll explain how to guarantee deliverability by adding sequences that do not look like the activity of a spammer.

Avoid Spam Language

First, it is important to understand what spam filters look for, and the number one thing they look for is wording that is particularly spammy.

At all costs avoid that your email looks like SPAM. When you have this part covered you can go on to the next level of avoiding SPAM*.

Avoid Email Blasts

Once you have a campaign and a level of personalisation that is not spammy, you want to avoid having the sending patterns of a spammer. 

When you look at the email activity of a spammer, what you'll see is that they normally have is 1 email blast, with almost no interaction and then go quiet for a while before the next email blast.

For example in the image below you see one email blast on 1 day an no more activity neither before nor after.

In order to guarantee this, never send all your volume in the same day, or upload a large number of leads to an email campaigns. For example, do not send campaigns with more than 100 leads to go out all at once.

What are healthy daily volumes

To guarantee the long term health of your domain we advise that you should not have campaigns with more than 50 leads and you should have no more than 1 of these campaigns going out per day.

Ideally your campaigns look something like the campaigns below. Where you can see 3 main aspects that are a characteristic of a domain that will be healthy in the long term.

  • Campaigns with less than 50 leads spread 1 day apart.
  • Reply rate that shows a level of engagement with your message.
  • Low Bounce so that you do not look like your guessing emails.

Final notes on Guaranteeing deliverability

Do not email blast certain domains! The reason being that for the server being targeted this will also look like a SPAM message. Have no more than 5 people from the same company in any given email campaign.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any question!

*For more information about SPAM: Avoid SPAM blockers


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