How to hyper-personalize your email templates

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Why personalize?

Amplemarket gathers thousands of data points on a daily basis and provides us with great insights into sales performance. We know that one factor is the driver behind great sales performance - Personalization.


Great salespeople leverage all data points from their leads to create a relevant message. Thanks to Amplemarket’s templating language you no longer need to write every email from scratch to be personalized.


Let’s get to work.

Amplemarket’s magic button is there to help you while personalizing your templates. You can find it in every text editor on the platform.


If you prefer to watch our training video rather than reading about it below. Here you go:

Basic Personalization

Use prospect fields as Dynamic fields in your templates. Every field available on the prospect can be used to personalize your email templates.


Hello {{first_name}},

I am reaching out to you as I noticed you are {{title}} at {{company_name}}.
I am also based in {{city}}!


NOTE - Any column header in your csv can be transformed into a dynamic field by adding the column header between curly brackets. For example: column header “commute” Dynamic field #{{commute}}.


Personalization using liquid syntax

True personalization happens when you tell Amplemarket to send different parts of an email based on those data fields by using if/else statements or case statements.


NOTE - The Amplemarket magic button has prepared the most common snippets for you. You can just click on one of them and the statement will appear in your template, ready for your modifications.


IF/ELSE Statements


No lead is the same - their title might be the same but they might live in a different place or they might be working for a company of a different size. You can leverage those differences using IF/ELSE statements.


{% if CONDITION %}
{% endif %}


For example:


{% if title contains "Sales" %}
I am eager to connect with Sales leaders in #{{city}}.
{% else %}
I noticed that you are {{title}} at {{company_name}} and thought I would reach out.
{% endif %}


If the title of a prospect contains "Sales", Amplemarket will send: I am eager to connect with Sales leaders in #{{city}}.

If the title does not contain "Sales" the else statement will be sent: I noticed that you are #{{title}} at #{{company_name}} and thought I would reach out.


All data points you have on your leads can be used to craft these statements, including your own dynamic fields.


Can you imagine the power?


These basics will take your email outreach to the next level. If you need any help or want the Amplemarket team to take a look at your template feel free to reach out to your dedicated account manager or email us at




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