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Amplemarket's AI model analyzes replies from your prospects and adds the respective label to that reply. This helps you and your reps obtain high-leverage insights in the performance of your cold outreach. Additionally, to help you prioritize the tasks in your email inbox, Amplemarket automatically creates labels in your Gmail inbox.


In order to be able to assign labels or create folders in your inbox, Amplemarket creates the label in your inbox the first time a reply was categorized with that specific label.


Your inbox will start looking like this 👇


Note: Amplemarket does not have the permission in Gmail to change the color of the labels at the moment they were created. You can select the colors as you see fit after they were created in the menu on the left hand side of your screen.



Disabling the AI model from classifying the replies

The AI model is enabled by default. However, you can disable this functionality by checking the box in the advanced settings while scheduling a new sequence.


For example, as of now the AI model is not able to analyze foreign languages which implies that it could be better to disable the AI model for campaigns in other languages to keep your reports clean.



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