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The searcher gives you the possibility to filter the database for "Company Hubs". These groups of companies are an excellent way to add personalization to your campaigns. Amplemarket scrapes the web for publicly available information and we also use a variety of 3rd party vendors to obtain these company lists.


What is a company hub?

In Amplemarket’s searcher, a company hub is a conglomerate of companies that share one or multiple common features (i.e they share the same incubator, or they share the same IPO year, or they are listed in the same stock exchange, etc.).


How to use a company hub in your lead generation?

You can access the company hubs in the "Searcher" in two ways:


Option 1: At the top of your screen you can see a tab "Company Hubs" that allows you to browse through the different company hubs.



Option 2: In the "Hubs" filter on the left-hand side of your screen.



We update and add new hubs on a daily basis but if you have an idea or are searching for a specific hub, let us know so we can try to create it for you.


You can choose whether you want to search for companies present in multiple hubs at the same time OR for companies present in only one of the hubs you searched for by using the button "Any/All".




How "Company Hubs" can add value to your outreach efforts

Similarly to Events or Technologies this is a relevant tool as it adds increased personalization to your campaigns. Let us take a closer look at an example, Amplemarket.


Amplemarket’s product is especially relevant for companies that wish to scale their growth efforts further. Thus, with the company hub “Companies Hiring May 2020” we could craft a dedicated campaign with an adapted message mentioning that we know they are currently hiring and that we might be able to help them grow even more.


We've tried it - it works ☝🏻


How to request a "Company Hubs" from the Amplemarket's team 

Were you browsing through the "Company Hubs" and did not find what you were looking for?

Get help from the Amplemarket team!


The Amplemarket team is happy to help you create the company hub you are searching for. Just hit the intercom button on the bottom right-hand side of your screen and chat with us.




Alternative: how to create your own custom company hub


We update the company hubs list on a daily basis. However there might be some cases in which it is not possible to create a company hub. For example: the company hub you want to upload is not a public listed hub like “Companies with IPOs filed in 2019”.


If you have a list of domains you can use the searcher to create your own 'custom' company hub. Go to the "companies" filter and click the dropdown. The field "Company Domains or LinkedIn Urls appears". Paste your list of urls in the field:


You can then save this search. You will see the same search criteria you had initially saved in your previous search, much like your own Company Hubs.


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