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Amplemarket Team
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When a List is created or edited, be it via a CSV file, via LinkedIn using the extension, etc. it’s possible to choose the option to perform email validation.

Lists have three main filter views you can choose from a dropdown:

  • All
  • Leads with email
  • Leads without email

The leads in the "Leads with email" view will be the ones used to create your sequences. These emails were all processed and validated by Amplemarket.

If you don't find all of your leads in your List, they're not lost - it's likely they're in the "Leads without email" view! Leads with emails that Amplemarket couldn't verify, or leads inserted without email, etc., end up in the "Leads without email" view and will be automatically ignored by Amplemarket, so that your sequences don’t return unnecessary bounced emails.


Note that you will not be able to start a sequence using the leads in the "Leads without email" view. 

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