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The searcher allows you to search for (and exclude) specific technologies companies are using. Amplemarket scrapes the web for publicly available information and we also use a variety of 3rd party vendors to obtain technology information. The process of this property being used to describe a company is actually referred to as “technographic” data, which is a portmanteau of technology and demographic.

We’ve found that the use of technology data typically revolves around two key categories of technologies:

  1. Technologies you partner or pair well with (and thus would be compatible with companies using)
  2. Technologies you compete with (which would imply a better fit as the company has demonstrated they have a need and a budget for a solution you also solve)


Note: Technology is an interesting area to reach out to companies. In some cases, the technology could no longer be present at the company (if they recently transitioned away from it). 

​​What our own BDR team does in crafting sequences for plays that leverage this data, is to keep the copy soft. We don’t say “ I’ve seen you’re using technology X, I’ve reached out because we work very well with X”. Instead we say “our customers often use technologies like X, Y and Z, are we right in assuming your tech stack is similar to that?”



Searching for technologies can be especially useful when you are targeting companies using your competitor or you know that your product is a great complement with another tool.

Example: if you offer a CRM integration, you can find all companies that are using a specific CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, …) and look for companies that are still not using one of your competitors, by selecting them in the filter exclusion criteria. With this, you might be better positioned to create value to those companies.

In the example below, you can see how you can search for companies using Salesforce OR HubSpot as their CRMs, while excluding all companies that additionally use Intercom.

Additionally, the button below allows you to change the configuration of your search to instead get all companies using Salesforce AND Hubspot as their CRMs, while excluding all companies that additionally use Intercom.




Contracts Expiring 

Selecting this option filters the listed technologies down to only those who are likely to expire soon. 

Since contracts are typically on an annual basis, we utilize when the technology was first identified for the company to estimate that as an annual date where the contract is likely up for “renewal”.





A lot of technologies fall under similar categories (i.e. CRMs, Lead Generation, Video Conferencing to name a few). 

The value of this is to bucket these technology types to the same effect as selecting “any” of multiple technologies, but be more efficient and broad.

You can also select multiple Technology Categories and choose “any” or “all”



List of available categories:

Head over to the Searcher and scroll through the lists to see our available categories!
Feel free to contact if you want more details. 


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